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Jigsaw Junction: 6 Train Puzzles To Check Out

Believe it or not, there are a LOT of choo-choo inspired puzzles out there for all ages.  We did our research and picked out 7 that we have either own or that have strong reviews on  We also list one that doesn’t have a lot of review data to go by, but was too cute not to include.  Check out our suggestions and send us your feedback if you have a favorite from our list or elsewhere.  We’d love to hear about it!  Also, stay tuned as we’ll be doing an article soon covering some awesome train puzzles that can be found on, one of our favorite stops for train-inspired items if you are looking for something with more of a handmade feel.

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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle – We at the Wooden Train Set Reviews family have played with this one repeatedly for the last 8 months.  There are some great aspects of this puzzle including the thick and sturdy cardboard that wears well.  Ours is just now starting to show some wear after probably 200 uses.  Each piece contains a letter and a realistically drawn animal that starts with that letter (except for U, which is a tiger holding an umbrella).  We also love that this puzzle assembles horizontally, so it is easier for smaller kids to figure out which piece comes next.  This is also a great way for little ones to reinforce letter recognition and alphabetical order.

Green Start Wooden Puzzles with Handy Carry & Storage Case – We could only find one review for this cute puzzle, but we are including it because it is so adorable and we love the bright colors and design.  This toy is made from 98% recycled materials and printed with eco friendly inks.  This 14 piece floor puzzle fits into an included tray and also comes with a reusable totebox.

Melissa & Doug Train Sound Puzzle – This 9 piece wooden puzzle from Melissa & Doug triggers realistic train sounds when the puzzle is completed.  Reviews indicated that each piece has a knob, which is nice for little hands.  One thing to note is that the picture is printed in the tray, so you may feel like it is too easy for some kids for this reason.  Reviewers also note that the puzzle requires AAA batteries that are not included.  We did see a few reviews saying the sound did not work properly, but we are wondering if it is light sensitive as some of the other M&D puzzles are.  If this is the case, the sound won’t trigger if you are doing it in a dark room.

Thomas & Friends: 4 Friends 4 Shaped Puzzles – This is a set of 4 Thomas & Friends puzzles (Percy, James, Charlie and Thomas) ranging from 10-16 pieces each.  Most reviewers feel the pieces are durable, so they should stand up to being used and used again.

T.S. Shure Train Engine Shaped Floor Puzzle – If you are looking for a jumbo floor puzzle that is NOT alphabet related, this might be a good option for you.  At 2′ x 3′, this glossy floor puzzle shows a realistic engine with coal, pullman car and track.  You can even see the driver and passengers in this 24 piece puzzle.  The only issue we did find was a few reviewers who said they had poor quality or missing pieces.  Most had nothing bad to say about quality, so we wanted to share it with you since it is very different than some of the others on our list.

White Mountain Puzzles All Aboard – Okay, we admit, this 1000 piece puzzle is more for older kids and/or moms and dads, but we wanted to include a more complex puzzle for those older puzzle fans.  This scene depicts model trains and is made in the USA from recycled materials.  It may be hard to tell from the photo (I didn’t notice it in the small online image), but after reading the reviews, apparently in among the vintage train, Thomas characters can be spotted, so even the little ones might enjoy trying to find them once the older folks finish this puzzle.  This is one I’d imagine putting out during Thanksgiving or another time when our house is packed with family and everyone from the older kids to Papap would enjoy working on it together.


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