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Train Viewing – 3 Of The Best Train Shows For Kids

When they are taking a break from playing with wooden trains, your littles one may like to relax and watch some train action.  Here are some of our favorite train shows that we want to share with you!

1.  Coilbook – Check out this YouTube channel for all things Shawn the Train.  It is FREE to subscribe to this channel and you can watch numerous short cartoons featuring Shawn the Train.  Topics include letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and more.  Aimed at the preschool set, Shawn’s voice and colorful animation mesmerizes kids and teaches them at the same time.

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Once you have a Shawn the Train fan on your hands, you can check out the various educational posters they offer.  Apparently they had such demand over the holidays that they will be restocking to January 13th, 2014.  You can check out some of the posters below.  We recommend getting a cardboard backing to put your poster on so your child can interact with it without wrinkling it over time.

Alphabet Train Poster XL, 36×24

NEW! Numbers, Shapes and Colors Train Poster XL, 36×24

2.  Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery the Movie – Movie night anyone?  We have parents enjoyment in mind selecting this Thomas & Friends title for our list.  Many of the reviews by parents indicate that they were entertained along with their kids when watching this movie–well, maybe not the 25th time your child wants to watch it, but in general adults can enjoy this too.  At a little over an hour, this might be better suited for preschool age, though reviewers do note quite a few 2 year olds who love it too!

3.  Choo Choo Bob Show –  Play Trains! provides a GREAT review of The Choo Choo Bob Show as well as related activities if you want to learn more about it.  Here is an excerpt:  “If you have a preschooler or school-age kid who loves trains — and, for once, this is a train show for preschoolers to grow into, rather than for school-age kids to grow out of — you have to watch this show with them. Read on to find out why!”

From Choo Choo Bob About Page: “The Choo Choo Bob Show features the main character, Choo Choo Bob, hanging out at his clubhouse with his best friend Richard W. Kornbelt and other pals, talking about trains and having all kinds of adventures. Episodes include trips to Tinyland, visits to real working railroads across the United States, questions from kids, musical guests and mischievous puppets.”

Visit the site to watch lots of short video clips and play games.  For full length videos, offers a couple of options:

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