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DIY In 5 Minutes: Turning a Kids Bed Into A Wooden Railway

Our daughter recently moved into a big girl bed, which provided a flat surface that gave us some wooden train inspiration.  This idea will also work on a crib or toddler bed with a flat side board, head board or foot board on it. Parents can use their judgement if they think it might be too distracting at bedtime.  For us, it provides some quiet entertainment at nap and bedtime as well as when she first wakes up.  We’ll do our sons bed too once he goes to a big boy bed that has a flat surface.  Although you obviously can’t do a loop, we find that our kids love to sit on the bed and play with this back and forth with different trains.

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What you’ll need:

1.  A bed with a flat surface to adhere your rail to — Ideally as wide or wider than a standard wooden train track

2.  Flat track to run the length of the bed’s surface — Ours was a little shy of the full length, but not a problem.  Just measure and get it close.  We used the flat track pictured below because it came with enough to cover what we wanted covered and was inexpensive.  This particular track was not double sided, which was fine since we adhered it to the bed.

Set of (6) 8″ Straight Tracks Fit Thomas and Brio Wooden Train and Track Sets

3.  Adhesive — We used Command Brand Medium Refill strips we happened to have around.  Affix one to each track with the ‘wall’ side attaching to the bed.  We have never had a problem removing these from surfaces, but use your own judgement and maybe do a test one on a less visible part of the bed to ensure they remove to your liking.  We left the pull tab end of each Command strip visible at the female end of each track in case we wish to remove them later.

Once you are done, add your favorite train(s) and you are off and running!  We used this neat girly train from BigJigs because it fit well with the other pink decor in her room.

Check out our finished project photos!

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