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Looking For Train Favorites? – 3 Train Listmanias To Check Out

Are you familiar with Amazon.com Listmania?  If not, I would describe it as a way to create public lists of products under any theme or category you can think of on Amazon.com.  Each list has an introduction followed by a list of products added by the list author (any amazon.com user) that fit the list description.  Lists can be long or short, and I like them because I can find a list that interests me and then take advantage of someone else having done the legwork to populate it with great products that I can check out.  A lot of authors will even add their own notes about the products on their list.  I have found some really useful ones about natural toys, building toys and toys for specific age ranges that have helped me with gift purchases.  Today we are focusing on those lists that focus on trains of course!

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LIST #1 My Son’s Choo Choos This list author summarizes the list as follows:  My son loves trains, especially Thomas the Train & his many friends. I decided to get my young son the Thomas the Train wooden trains set by Learning Curve instead of the Thomas the Train diecast take-along trains by Fisher Price, because the wooden tracks looked more durable to me compared to the plastic tracks for the diecast & plastic Trackmasters. The downside is that the wooden trains and tracks are more expensive than the diecast trains & tracks. However there seems to be more accessories such as buildings & bridges for the wooden sets than the diecast or Trackmasters. It was also good to know that the Learning Curve Thomas tracks are compatible with other generic brand wooden train sets such as Brio & Maxim.

Here are just a few of the items on this list maker’s list and the authors comments on each:

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Water Tower Figure 8 Set  The list author says:  Great set to start out with. Basic figure 8 set. Comes with Thomas, a cargo car, water tower with play spout, wooden tracks including a bridge and some small wooden accessories (wooden Sir Top-em-Hat figure, tree & signs). The conductor figure 8 set is also good & perhaps better because it comes with two cars instead of one and it includes one switch track.

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway - Water Tower Figure 8 Set

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Sodor Chicken Cars  The list author says: Fun to have because the box car makes chicken noises & the cargo car has a “eggs” cargo.

Thomas & Friends – Conductors Shed  The list author says: Was originally included with the conductor figure-eight set, but I was able to buy one seperately. Wooden shed with plastic figure that slides back & forth while raising & lowering a plastic gate


List #2 Train Track Pieces To Add Dimension To Your Tracks

Here are just a few of the items on this list maker’s list and the authors comments on each

BRIO Mechanical Switches  The list author says: Control where your trains go on the track. Easily control which track the trains choose

Wooden Train Track – Adapter Pair  The list author says: The two female/male parts are a must have for anything other than an 8 track or circle shaped track.

Brio Advanced Expansion Pack  The list author says: An easy way to extend your track making abilities with a not too high cost. This would be one of the first purchases I suggest.

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Wacky Track (2 pieces)  The list author says: These fill in the larger spots that no other track can fill in.


List #3  Remarkable Books for Children In That “Train Phase”  This list author summarizes the list as follows: Have you hunted down every picture book discussing trains in the bookstore? Here are a few of the most poetic, the most imaginative, and the most intellectually satisfying train books that I’ve come across. This list is aimed at children from approximately age 3-5. 

Trouble on the Tracks  The list author says: One of the more imaginative books out there.  This book includes a clever visual joke that your child will love…things are not exactly what they seem, even on the book’s cover.

It’s Funny Where Ben’s Train Takes Him  The list author says: This is a book to inspire your imagination, excite your visual sense, and relax your mind with its easy verbal rhythms.   Ben’s train drives off a paper drawing and into a world that is half toy train, half bedroom furniture.  Delightful!

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