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3 Awesome Sites To Check Out For Wooden Train Fans

We’ve been poking around for sites that may appeal to our readers and we’ve found some good ones!  None of these folks have asked to be added to our list and we don’t receive any advertising or promotional fees from these sites, we just like them and thought you might too!  Here are 3 of our favorites.

1.  Play Trains! – Jessica Petersen is the owner and creator of this cool site.  Whether dressing up toy trains for Halloween, setting up a White Christmas layout for your trains or anything in between, this site has you covered.  If your train set is feeling blah, she has an activity or suggestion to make it fun again.  This site is also loaded with product information, train-inspired gift guides, train crafts, train-related recipes, activities and much more.  If you have a train fanatic, you will get lost on this site discovering new things to feed their obsession.  A great post to get started with on this site is, Top Train Activities for Kids 2013.

Top Train Activities for Kids 2013

2.  Train Rack Store –  This was a site I came across when I was perusing Etsy one day for all things wooden train.  Todd creates train racks that hang on the wall to house  all your wooden train set train cars and vehicles.  In the process they make for some pretty awesome artwork for your kids walls!  Check out the Wall of Fame to see more photos of his creations on the walls of little engineers.


3.  Vibrant Trains – If you are looking for trains that have a look all of their own – whimsical little pieces of art really – take a look at this site.  Another of my Etsy finds, the artist creates custom alphabet trains beyond the colored letters that other brands offer.  Is it wrong that I’m 38 and kind of want one of these with my own name on it?  Designs can be anything from matching your child’s room-themed to murals, to sports themes, logos and more!  Check out the Etsy shop page for this company to see some of the possible creations they can make like the one in this gorgeous photo below:

IMG_5619 Vibrant Trains

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